self-injury in a sentence

Can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self-injury .

The self-injury can increase during times of stress.

Efforts should be taken to prevent further self-injury .

People call self-injury a symptom of autism.

Orange ribbons are used to promote awareness and prevention of self-injury .

These youth face a greater risk of self-injury and suicide.

Suicide and self-injury is an everyday occurrence in prison.

I disagree entirely with your reasoning on self-injury .

Chase’s physical stunts led to at least one self-injury .

self-injury is common and may take place with or without suicidal intent.

They particularly help women who harm themselves (often called self-injury ).

Affect regulation and addictive aspects of repetitive self-injury in hospitalized adolescents.

However, his increased strength often results in self-injury and clumsiness.

Complications may include depression, sleep problems, social discomfort and self-injury .

Both suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury are a response to feeling negative emotions.

These children also may be more likely to inflict self-injury , researchers found.

Principles of self-injury are applied to more than just one’s self.

This is the time when self-poisoning or self-injury are most likely.

Fearful of doing something bad Incidents of self-injury .

Repeated self-poisoning or self-injury may also have occurred.