Self-conscious in a sentence

Definition of Self-conscious

being worried or nervous by what others think of you or worried about you look like

Use Self-conscious in a sentence

She’s self-conscious about her big ears.

He wanted a smaller nose, hoping it would make him less self-conscious around girls.

The stain on my knee makes me self-conscious. 

Girls feel more self-conscious than boys on first dates.

As she finished her ice cream, she became self-conscious. ” Is my lipstick gone? ” she asked, licking her lips.

The retired soldier was self-conscious about his scars.

Research suggests that girls that are very self-conscious tend to exaggerate the importance of being physically attractive.

The first president was self-conscious about his lack of formal education.

Because all eyes are on Shaun, they don’t get self-conscious about their own dancing.

Well, first of all, I’m very self-conscious about my voice even though I’m on the radio all the time.