Sedative in a sentence

Definition of Sedative

(a  drug or anything) having calming effect and causing sleep

Use Sedative in a sentence

The doctor gave me a sedative to help me with my nerves, and I felt better.

My father has insomnia and uses sedative agents frequently.

A mild sedative at night can be useful particularly for those who wake at regular times during sleep.

I have resorted to sedative pills for long plane journeys.

The sedative drugs may be beneficial in situations of shock due to accident or death.

You may receive a sedative to relieve anxiety.

Alcohol is a sedative and if used to excess over a long period the brain adapts to this sedation.

Preliminary studies confirm that the California poppy has mild sedative and anti-anxiety effects.

Michael Jackson’s doctor goes on trial accused of killing the star with a powerful sedative.

Apparently she gave him some kind of a sedative to try to calm him down and that did not work.