Sedately in a sentence

Definition of Sedately

calmly, slowly, formally

Use Sedately in a sentence

We continued our walk sedately as my father had problem with his left leg.

We had to walk sedately with our parents, and were not allowed to run or play games.

The second half began more sedately with neither goalkeeper being tested in the early stages.

Because mom was very tired, she did washing-up sedately.

It is a place where life moves sedately and the residents are retired military gentlemen and upper class ladies.

She says that his job in the courthouse has him dressed to sedately.

Afraid of having an accident, the woman drove home sedately.

The thief walked slowly and sedately  hoping that no one would report a suspicious man creeping along the back of the houses.

The policeman and woman sedately progressed away from them.

Mother followed them more sedately, and rather anxiously, as if worried about whether her offspring were getting into bad company.

I promised myself that the next time I came here I would make the journey more sedately.