secondhand in a sentence

I paid double the price for the secondhand book.

I ran across a rare book in a secondhand bookstore.

He chanced on a rare book at a secondhand bookstore.

I found this book by chance in a secondhand bookstore.

Wearing secondhand clothes is now popular among young people.

We are becoming very aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The Mexican government announced the banning of all imports of secondhand cars, except for models.

The other day I stopped at a secondhand bookstore on my way home from school and happened to find a book I had been looking for for a long time.

There are still workplaces where secondhand smoke is a common occurrence.

Here you can find bonsai trees, secondhand kimonos, paintings, pottery and antiques.

Smoke-free laws were thought of primarily as a tool to reduce secondhand smoke exposure.