Sear in a sentence

Definition of Sear

burn the surface of something with powerful and quick heat; having a very strong bad effect on a person

Use Sear in a sentence

The meat was juicy, tender and nicely seared.

My granddad’s death is seared in my mind as my first memory.

The fire raced over her jacket and shirt and seared her back.

My next course was seared tuna in a ginger-ponzu dressing.

The day he reported for duty in Vietnam as a young private first class is seared in his memory.

Seared into her mind was a photograph that Mitch gave her three months ago.

The bad day remains seared in Miller’s memory, all these years later.

A burn is upgraded to second-degree when the flesh is seared or exposed to hot liquids that cause pain and blistering of the skin.

The seared Tuna and Lion head chicken are tempting treats not to be missed!

The bloody terrorist attacks were instantly seared into the public mind.