Scuttle in a sentence

Use Scuttle in a sentence

Scuttle meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [verb] to ruin other people’s plans or their possibility of being successful; to move quickly without noticed; to sink;

Deadly attacks against soldiers and police however prompted the President to scuttle the peace talks.

Three large black spiders were scuttling around inside it.

The members of the other group are trying to scuttle the election because they do not trust themselves.

Italian prosecutors are investigating the scuttling of a further 41 ships.

The US Congress could scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran this week.

He is trying to scuttle the chances of peace.

The door swung open and I scuttled in.

They killed travelers, stealing their goods and scuttling their boats.

Opposition MPs fear Mr Ruto is determined to scuttle the coalition by all means necessary to pave his own easy ascendancy to the throne.

A little mouse scuttled across the room, making the girls cry out.