Scullery in a sentence

Definition of Scullery

a small room next to a kitchen, where washing up and other  chores are done

Use Scullery in a sentence

After dinner, mom went to the scullery to do washing-up.

I’ve a stack of dishes to wash in the scullery.

She went back into the scullery and resumed drying the dishes with her tea-towel.

Modern houses do not have sculleries next to the kitchen.

House contains entrance lobby, parlour, kitchen, scullery and outbuildings, pantry and 4 bedrooms.

Mrs. Jackson made her escape out of the scullery door, unnoticed.

So Sarah went straight through the kitchen and down into the scullery, where Polly sat on the duckboard.

I went into the scullery and lifted a pot of cold tea and poured some into a bowl.

The cook hid the boy in the scullery, covering him with aprons and dishrags.

The coffee was being served by the tavern’s scullery maids.