Scrupulous in a sentence

Use Scrupulous in a sentence

Scrupulous meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] careful to be honest; fastidious ;

We should use scrupulous cleanliness in food preparation and handling.

He is noted for his scrupulous honesty and his charitable nature.

He greeted me with scrupulous courtesy and a welcoming smile.

Scrupulous care and attention were demanded from the projectionist.

The less scrupulous would use cheaper materials, cheaper labor, and cheaper working conditions.

But if you’ve got mild allergies and think you can manage, you must be extra scrupulous about scrubbing your house down.

Baudelaire was not the first French translator of Poe, but his “scrupulous translations” were considered among the best.

he latest case highlights the need for scrupulous hygiene on all farm visits.