Scrounge in a sentence

Definition of Scrounge

to get things  by asking other people for them without spending any money or without a cost

Use Scrounge in a sentence

You can probably scrounge these pods for free from your local photo shop.

We managed to scrounge a cup of tea off them which was good.

I asked around everyone I knew and managed to scrounge enough parts to put together a bike, big enough for me to ride to school.

My daughter is 13 and finds ways to scrounge up money for sugary drinks when she’s not around me.

We were very hungry and scrounged for food.

Simon also managed to scrounge an Intel mousemat, which weren’t actually on offer.

He wears the same old gear all the time and has to scrounge off his mates in the pub.

In those days I slept in alcoves and under bridges and scrounged for dropped soldi during the day.

The rebels scrounge weapons where they can.

He was working in the cookhouse and he managed to scrounge me some extra rice which was very appreciated.

Could I just scrounge your car please, mate?