Scrimmage: in a sentence

Definition of Scrimmage

a practice game of American Football or Basketball which does not count on a team’s record;

A sequence of play beginning with the placing of the ball on the ground;

struggle, fight

Use Scrimmage in a sentence

Only practice jerseys are to be worn during tomorrow’s scrimmage.

Quinn looks at the speed and the takeoff from scrimmage when evaluating pass-rushers.

I’d run through basic stuff, then divide the kids into two squads for scrimmage games.

You can’t simulate game speed in practice or a scrimmage.

The teacher intervened in the scrimmage between the two students.

He impressed the coaching staff in the first scrimmage of the preseason.

There are many factors behind the scrimmage between them.

No player is allowed to play in a scrimmage or game unless he has gone through three ” heat acclimatization practices.