screenplay in a sentence

The finished screenplay was approximately 100 pages long.

The screenplay took four months to write.

The movie itself toys with standard screenplay formulas.

I wrote the screenplay literally in eight days.

It won a fifth for best adapted screenplay .

This novel is currently being adapted into a screenplay .

screenplay was based on this book.

Welles took six months to write the screenplay .

Lynch shot the film without a complete screenplay .

It was only his second ever screenplay .

A commissioned screenplay is written by a hired writer.

Writing the screenplay took about six months.

The role was later cut from the eventual screenplay .

The novel was based on the original screenplay .

The screenplay of the movie is pathetic.

The screenplay was written entirely in English.

My father passed away while I was writing the screenplay .

I had a couple friends who wrote a screenplay .

I spent this past summer working on a screenplay .

I may have my first screenplay here.

Has the screenplay been adapted from another work?

The film is ruined by an abstract and complicated screenplay “.

Rivera then began writing the screenplay , producing approximately 20 drafts.

The script is now being adapted into a screenplay .

The lack of a screenplay also hampered efforts.