screenplay in a sentence

The screenplay was written by Brooks and Wilder.

John Ridley penned the most recent screenplay draft.

Kaworu was named by screenplay writer Akio Satsukawa.

He then re-hired Summer to do yet another screenplay.

The screenplay was written by Wittig and her partner Zeig.

It is not known if any of Banks’s screenplay will be used.

She is currently working on having her screenplay produced.

Finally, Eric Segal received one for his screenplay as well.

He is now working on the screenplay of his next feature film.

Three screenplays: All the Kings Men, The Hustler, and Lilith.

This was the first woman-centered screenplay I had encountered.

It took the Coens and Raimi three months to write the screenplay.

The screenplay is by Wenders, Richard Reitinger and Ulrich Zieger.

Stephen King wrote both the novel and the screenplay for the movie.

In July 2003 Tom Stoppard was commissioned to write the screenplay.

Winsloe also wrote the screenplay and was on the set during filming.

For Lapitch, he also served as a screenplay writer and layout artist.

André improvised the lyrics based on a screenplay that he had written.

The screenplay was written by Tom Reed based on a story by Mary Howard.

He met with the actor and told him that he was rewriting the screenplay.

It was 324 pages, which was three times longer than a standard screenplay.