Scintilla in a sentence

Definition of Scintilla

a small quantity of something

Use Scintilla in a sentence

If Bob had a scintilla of shame, he would resign after that scandal.

There was not even a scintilla of expectation that this ship would return to the city.Everybody was hopeless and ready to die.

Is there any scintilla of evidence that tells you she wanted him dead? Otherwise, we cannot accuse him of the murder.

Was there any scintilla of doubt in your mind when he looked you in the eye?

There is not one scintilla of doubt in my mind. I trust him.

I don’t think there’s a scintilla of racism in what Harry said. How can you blame him?

Nobody paid Tom a scintilla of attention after his big lie.

There’s no one scintilla of credible evidence to support the theory that the he shot first.

There is not a scintilla of evidence that he willfully attempted to defraud the government out of income tax.

There is not a scintilla of milk left in the fridge. Let’s go shopping.

If you also possess a scintilla of innate curiosity, you can not help but wonder, Could it be?