school play || in a sentence

He looked ridiculous dressed as a woman for the school play.

The kids were marvelously dressed up as robots for the school play.

The school play was a tribute to the different cultures that make up our country.

The children assembled on the school playground to hear the results of the final races.

My daughter has been rehearsing a dance sequence for her school play for the last three weeks.

Everyone was nervous, and unsure of their lines during the first rehearsal for our school play.

The children were all dressed as various fruits and vegetables as they danced across the stage in the school play.

Most troubling, Gayles said, was Bosch’s injections of high school players in the Miami area.

Maricopa High school plays host to round one of the Division II state playoffs for girls basketball.

Indiana’s Rodney Stuckey, a former Eastern Washington and Kentwood High school player, had 23 points.