school curriculum in a sentence

A broader primary school curriculum was developed.

In 1923 the school curriculum was changed radically.

Medical school curriculum consists of five years.

The public school curriculum further buried it!

The standard Indonesian medical school curriculum is six years long.

The standard U.S. medical school curriculum is four years long.

A new medical school curriculum was implemented in fall 2003.

Our apps are designed to complement and supplement school curricula .

The school’s curriculum is varied and very intense.

His Technique became fundamental to the whole school curriculum .

A hepatitis B education program incorporated into the school curriculum .

Israeli textbooks and school curriculum also often ignore Palestinian history.

Currently, the language is often part of secondary school curricula .

What I was asking was more about the school curriculum .

Sunday school curriculum is published under the label Word Action.

He ordered schools to have environmental subjects in schools’ curricula .

English and Danish are compulsory subjects in the school curriculum .

The campaign is to be extended into the school curriculum .

Arabic was made compulsory on the school curriculum in the state.

The last reform on this front centres on the school curriculum .