Scavenger in a sentence

Definition of Scavenger

a person who searches through things other people do not want, especially for food or useful things;

animals feeding on decaying organic materials

Use Scavenger in a sentence

Those people are very poor and  scavengers  who live in the dump and collect garbage for a living.

Shrimp and crabs are scavengers that feed on decaying matter found on the ocean floor.

Scavengers, such as vultures, like to steal the already dead prey of other predators.

The old man is a scavenger who has been collecting scrap metal and other unused objects in his house.

Crabs are scavengers, they eat decaying matter, thereby helping to clean up the ocean.

After the lions had eaten their fill, scavengers such as jackals and hyenas came to finish off the remains.

Every large city in this country has its share of scavengers such as rats and raccoons.

Vultures are scavengers, and will only eat animals which are already dead.

The scavengers fought over the bits of meat left when the tiger had finished eating.

The bald eagle is an opportunist, ” says Nigge. ” He’s a scavenger. Even if food is stinky and old, he’ll take it. ”

Is T. rex a predator or a scavenger ?