Scavenge – Scavenger in a sentence

use Scavenge Scavenger in a sentence


1. [verb] Collect discarded or refused material;

During the day, he scavenges the dump for food. At night, he takes refuge in an abandoned van.

Thousands of people scavenge through the garbage dumps of Manila every day in order to survive.

The reporter had to scavenge information from other newsmen in order to write his story.

2. [verb] Feed on carrion or refuse;

After the wolves had finished eating, smaller animals came to scavenge the bones.

Lions eat them and brown hyenas scavenge their carcasses.


1. [noun] Someone collecting discarded or refused material;

There are lots of homeless scavengers in the street of the city.

Following the battle, scavengers came down onto the plain to take what weapons or objects of value remained on the bodies of the dead soldiers.

2. [noun] An animal feeding on carrion or refusel;

Shrimp and crabs are scavengers that feed on decaying matter found on the ocean floor.

Scavengers, such as vultures, like to steal the already dead prey of other predators.

Every large city in this country has its share of scavengers such as rats and raccoons.