scattered İN A SENTENCE

Lakes, rivers and swamps are scattered throughout the national park.

Having scattered the enemy before me and triumphantly returned, this is how they would herald me.

The zebras quickly scattered as the lion charged at the herd.

We scattered seeds all over the field.

The papers in the room were scattered all over the floor.

An adult lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away, and serves to warn off intruders or reunite scattered members of the pride.

The weatherman is calling for scattered showers this afternoon.

The peasant scattered the seeds of grain.

Tomorrow will be mainly cloudy with scattered showers in the evening.

The sudden noise scattered the birds.

The grass seeds must be scattered evenly over the area being planted.

The chickens scattered as the children ran laughing towards them.

Most of the marijuana harvest in Jamaica is flown to the U.


from the many illegal airstrips scattered throughout the country.

My children’s bedroom has toys scattered all over the place.

Sheesh, you’ve even got cigarette butts scattered around.