Scantling in a sentence

Definition of Scantling

a small quantity of something;

a timber of certain width and thickness

Use Scantling in a sentence

In Syria due to shortages, people can only buy a scantling of the most basic items each month.

He built a house from the scantlings from the forest.

We have done more than wanted from us so far in such a scantling of time.

You can find other possible dimensions and various types of wood glued scantlings from our warehouse.

Police found a scantling of white powder in the man’s pocket, which they believed to be cocaine.

We have a scantling of water. We can have problems in following days.

We produce high quality pine glue-laminated window scantlings.

I have often been asked how boat scantlings are determined.

These dimensions of scantlings are suitable for a roof of blue slates.