Sate in a sentence

Definition of Sate

to satisfy; to have enough

Use Sate in a sentence

The twins, sated with milk, were silent at last.

Can book two in the trilogy sate the expectations of fans?

I definitely sated my appetite for acting after I acted in that movie.

His thirst was sated only after she had brought him a glass of water.

After you eat such fruits, your mood improves and you feel sated.

Everyone was happy and sated from Sunday dinner at the end of the program to celebrate their graduation.

He began smoking tobacco from a hookah to sate a desire for cigarettes, which he quit several years ago.

The king is hungry for blood, and he will not be easily sated.

Our instincts tell us to keep eating well beyond when we are sated.

I had a chicken sandwich with great cheese on a toasted baguette. It was delicious and I don’t want another one for now. I’m sated.

By the end of our trip, we’re sated and happy, and thankful for living in such an abundant, delicious corner of the world.