Sardonic in a sentence

Use Sardonic in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]showing that you are better than others and you don’t care them, mocking;

He is young, handsome, charming with a pronouncedly sardonic sense of humour.

The rich man looked at her with sardonic amusement.

He speaks in a rough voice with an American accent and employs a sardonic wit.

Catherine glanced around her, and suppressed a sardonic smile.

He raised one end of his mustache in a sardonic grin.

Her voice faded away at the sardonic gleam in his eyes.

A glint of sardonic humour appeared unexpectedly in Eddie’s eyes.

Prokofiev’s sardonic wit and distinctive musical voice are perfectly suited to this satirical tale of a fictitious hero, Lieutenant Kije.

Batman was characterised as incrementally more sardonic and frivolous throughout the series.