Sanguine in a sentence

Use Sanguine in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] optimistic; cheerful;

Most producers were sanguine about future business conditions.

I’ve taken the sanguine view that higher interest rates are a positive reflection of the economy due to rising demand for money.

This report was distinctly sanguine about employment growth.

Coaches are sanguine that they will continue to see these teams develop.

Many companies are sanguine that sales will edge up again as things return to normal and the economy begins to improve as we move into the holiday season.

There has a great destruction in the country. Still, many Iraqis are sanguine about the future.

Despite this challenging situation, many industrial players are sanguine about the future.

Forecasts for September results call for a far less sanguine 20k jump in unemployment.

Both Glass and the Harts face an uncertain future, but are sanguine.