Sanction in a sentence

Use Sanction in a sentence


Meaning: [noun, verb] approval; punishment;

The United Nations is recommending sanctions be continued against the country until human rights abuses are halted.

The President has sanctioned the use of military force to free the hostages.

President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher both refused to impose sanctions against South Africa despite repeated calls to do so.

The American government is not prepared to lift its sanctions against Iraq at this time.

The country has been sanctioned by the international community for refusing to follow the ban on whaling.

Without the pressure of economic sanctions, things will never change in that country.

In general, countries seem prepared to impose sanctions against other countries only when it is in their own interest to do so.

The sanctions imposed against South Africa were instrumental in bringing an end to the apartheid system in that country.

The new religion of Christianity was legally sanctioned by Constantine the Great in 313 A.D.

Military action against the regime has now been sanctioned by the U.N. Security Council.

In 1985, the United States Senate voted to impose economic sanctions on South Africa in protest against the government’s apartheid policy.