San Francisco in a sentence

We sail for San Francisco on Monday.

The plane we boarded was bound for San Francisco.

She traveled from Boston to San Francisco via Chicago.

For example, Osaka is the sister city of San Francisco.

What is the exact distance between San Francisco and San Diego?
The ship is arriving in San Francisco this evening.

We took the cable car around San Francisco to see the city.

The devastating San Francisco fire of 1906 lasted four days.

Next time I visit San Francisco, I’d like to stay at that hotel.

We had to stop over in San Francisco for two hours due to the fog.

The new minister in our local church is a woman from San Francisco.

We will be studying at the University of San Francisco in September.

The walkers set out from Boston and reached San Francisco six months later.

Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest Chinese community outside of Asia.

You can see sparks coming off the wires of the electrical streetcars in San Francisco.

San Francisco has enacted a new bylaw which prohibits smoking in all public buildings.

The San Francisco cable cars are the only mobile national monuments in the U.


My grandmother has a beautiful album of photographs of San Francisco in the late 1800s.