Sallow in a sentence

Use Sallow in a sentence

Sallow ;

Meaning: [adjective] yellowish and unhealthy skin;

Her ears are large and her skin sallow.

Raimundo’s sallow face had turned a dark red when she heard the news.

His cheeks were sallow and sucked into the hollows between his teeth.

Unhealthy skin tends to appear sallow and dull , whereas healthy skin appears full and vibrant.

The face was thin and sallow, the beard long and matted, and the cheeks sunken.

He had a broad forehead, rather sallow face, and thinning hair.

His face was sallow, his lips curled down in a perpetual sulk.

Now the light had faded from those eyes, and her complexion was sallow.

He spoke heavily accented English, screwing up his pinched sallow face in disgust.