Sagacious in a sentence

Use Sagacious in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] wise, can understand and judge things very well;

It appears that, as many sagacious people have long suspected, the president has been using illegal ways for some time.

To a sagacious man the distinction between the two will not be hidden.

This section of the book represents history as it should be written-with a sagacious use of sources and a strong narrative drive.

The sagacious enemy will never let him get close enough to see whom he is attacking.

He was a sagacious man, and a man of great power and determination.

The commander was apparently sagacious enough to expect such a plot and ambush and so changed his army’s route.

That sagacious soldier saw that it was useless to continue the march on Trimbak.

By that, he has touched the essence of the issue with his sagacious wisdom.

It could also be sagacious to investigate such potential sources of malabsorption as food allergies, hypochlorhydria, and pancreatic insufficiency.