Sabbatical in a sentence

Definition of Sabbatical

a period of leave extended, especially someone in a university job,  in order to study or travel

Use Sabbatical in a sentence

Dr Dolukhanov is on sabbatical leave during Semester 1 of the academic year 2000-2001.

I took a sabbatical in order to finish my studies on literature.

As I am on sabbatical during the Autumn Term, the easiest way to contact me is via email.

He took sabbatical leave to work on the final publications of the Balboura Survey project.

Those taking a such a sabbatical for one year are expected to complete 66% of the full five year requirements.

The company does not allow  paid sabbatical for the employees.

Apart from a brief sabbatical for world travel, he has worked for AFP since 1987.

Academic staff can sometimes take sabbatical leave for writing books.

On 1 October 2000 he began eleven months’ sabbatical leave prior to retirement on 30 September 2002.

In May he began a nine month sabbatical to complete work on his doctoral thesis.

He is at present on sabbatical leave, and is spending six months working with the Millennium Mathematics Project in Cambridge.