Rustle in a sentence

Definition of Rustle

making a noise as things (leaves, clothes, paper etc) rub against each other or moving with such voice

Use Rustle in a sentence

A mild breeze rustled the curtains.

The paper rustled in her fingers as she folded it twice more, making it a tiny rectangle.

The brown paper bag rustled as I uncapped the drinks.

Rustling the paper, Linda sat upright and read.

It is very peaceful with only the birds and the rustle of the leaves.

Leaves rustled in the wind, making us all afraid.

Small animals rustled in the bushes as they passed.

I was woken up abruptly by a rustling sound.

As pencils scratched and papers rustled, Jeremiah wandered the classroom.

The man rustled through the papers and books, searching the question in his mind.

Her stiff black skirts rustled noisily as Corrie moved to close the door behind her.

Something stirred in the shadows behind the bushes. The branches rustled. Probably cats, thought Quinton.