Ruse in a sentence

Use Ruse in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] deceive someone with a trick; a clever trick;

I am going to suggest 20 different ruses you can pull to convince your pushy dog that you are the boss.

The kids tried to use a ruse to get their friend out of the house.

Their neighbor asked to use the phone as a ruse to enter the house.

Different ruses were used to encourage Africans to leave their homes and work on the new colonial projects.

However, his ruse is soon uncovered.

In the battle, which lasts for eighteen days, the ruses of Krishna enable the hard pressed Pandavas to win.

He successfully created ruses which fooled the invaders as to the size and strength of his forces, and deterred their attack.

Pacheco’s ruse worked better than he expected.

Although American commanders doubted that their ruses would have much effect, their schemes succeeded far beyond expectations.

In the 19th century, elaborate ruses would be concocted to get the gullible to lend things on this day.