ruse in a sentence

Romeo, unaware that Juliet’s death is a ruse , is distraught beside her bier, prepared to take his own life in order to join her for eternity.

To decline an invitation with an untrue excuse is a ruse intended to protect both the liar and the deceived.

What is being passed as “public debate” is a ruse of “free exchange” that covers over exploitation.

However, this is a ruse as the camera pans down to reveal Buffy and Willow walking in the cemetery.

This is a ruse by Universo, who then makes the Legionnaires believe they are battling Darkseid’s Parademons.

However, Elaine says that this playgirl persona is a ruse , with a much colder and more calculating personality underneath.

Even though Jesse reluctantly agrees to meet Walt, he fears that it is a ruse for Walt to kill him.

America is waking up and soon will understand that the Syrian situation is n’t about chemical weapons, that is a ruse .

Regulation is a ruse , a foil, a ploy invented and created by corporate brigands in the period 1885-1915.

However this is a ruse , and they offer Dredd all possible assistance short of outright military assault on Narcos’s forces.

She escorts him out, and explains that this is a ruse to give him greater freedom of movement in the Country.

It’s going to have to play one way if the audience is watching it for the first time not understanding that this is a ruse .” But when you go back and look at it again, you’ll understand that she’s not surprised by what she’s hearing.

The bipartisan consensus in Washington to cut Social Security recipients’ annual cost of living allowances by adopting the Chained CPI is a ruse .