ruptured in a sentence

Muscle tissue is torn and blood vessels rupture .

Remember reading the possible side effects being ruptured tendons.

The diagnosis may very difficult immediately after rupture .

Such oxidative modification could rupture animal cell membranes.

Two years ago had tendon in forearm partially rupture .

There is no ” rupture ” between them.

An explosion of sound ruptured the moment.

The rupture of family links is not tragic.

A spleen that becomes injured or enlarged may rupture .

At least one bullet had ruptured a fuel line.

It is directly related to earthquake fault orientation and rupture direction.

The fuel lines ruptured and a serious fire ensued.

Alternative methods of rupture assessment have been recently reported.

The dog later died from an apparent intestinal rupture .

This can rupture older weapons designed for black powder.

He said he believed the rupture was spontaneous.

It is concentric for consultant under social rupture to.

This may often lead to a final rupture .

The tank ruptured , starting the blaze.

The rupture velocity has been estimated as 3.5 km per second.

Baker’s cysts may form and rupture .

Months later , the same pipeline ruptured again.

No tubing rupture occurred and explosion sound was muffled.

Ultimate strength The force required to rupture a specimen.

What is needed is a rupture with the last thirty years.