Rupture in a sentence

use Rupture in a sentence


[verb] Split, break or separate or cause to separate abruptly;

The accident ruptured some blood vessels in his leg.

After the attack, my son was all messed up, and my nephew ruptured his spleen.

Like most football injuries, the ruptured Achilles is not preventable.

A ruptured gas line will ruin your day, so call 811 before digging.

[noun] 1. A breaking or tearing apart; 2. A personal or social separation;

It’s still not clear what caused the ruptures, but mine officials said that seismic activity was reported in the region.

His low grades at school caused the rupture with his father.

The rupture between Russia and the United States has been settled with his efforts.

The earthquake caused a rupture in some of the houses in the region.