running water in a sentence

It has neither electricity nor running water .

Some 6 million households are without electricity and running water .

The houses only had cold running water .

To clean it simply rinse under running water .

Many families were left without electricity and running water .

Only 15 percent of rural homes had running water .

This is running water , flowing water.

The sound of running water helps create a soothing atmosphere.

The running water and the grassy space.

Use mild soap and running water to clean.

Wash for several minutes in running water .

I poured bubble bath in the running water .

running water was restored for most residents within 2 days.

A system of running water was established in 1870.

There is no running water or electricity.

There was still no indoor sanitation or running water .

From the bathroom they heard running water .

It is deemed too small and has no running water .

There were about 1.4 million without running water .

Their Chicago home had neither running water nor a restroom.

Roughly 75% of Haitian households lack running water .

When cool , carefully peel them under running water .

She’d been without running water for four months.

The structure had modern amenities including hot water heat and running water .

Rinse trout under cold running water and pat dry.