runner-up in a sentence

Eventually Chong became first runner-up in ATQ.

He owns the dog that is runner-up in the beauty contest.

Blizzards were runner-ups in the only Bergen Bowl final.

Fellow Mongolian Kyokutenho was runner-up in this basho.

The girls are also 4-time CIF-SS runner-up in track & field.

These three runner-up finishes were dubbed a “Treble Horror”.

Consequently, runner-up Jackie Paisley received the 1989 title.

Magni came in fourth, Toby third, and Dilana was the runner-up.

The MLS Cup runner-up qualified for the Champions League 2009-10.

They eventually finished 2nd runner-up with import Stevin Smith in tow.

For the most part, the station has been runner-up in the ratings to WJAR.

He was runner-up in 1989 for the World Karting Association national title.

The Finalists: 3 – Ivan (Winner), Orlando (runner-up) and Almudena (Third).

In 2003, the Lady Bulldogs recorded a second-straight NCAA runner-up finish.

He also was on the U.S.’ winning World Team Cup and runner-up Davis Cup teams.

The other three Final Four teams receive silver runner-up or Final Four rings.

The season rookie runner-up was flipped onto his wheels and walked away unharmed.

Benfica won three championships during the 1950s and were runner-ups three times.

After Winters’ death, Turner’s third-place showing made him the leading runner-up.

The Maroons have won 20 state championships and have been state runner-up 15 times.

He was the runner-up in the first Indian Idol, a singing competition held in India.

The runner-up had her head shaved bald as per another stipulation revealed by Cornette.

Santos though managed to make it through the finals, only finish runner-up to Flamengo.

Alatortsev was again runner-up to Botvinnik in the 1932 Leningrad Championship with 7/11.

Having lost Callahan runner-up Moses Rifkin, Brown was a young class of talented players.

McFadden finished as the runner-up for the 2007 Heisman Trophy for the second year in a row.

1968-1970: Champion and runner-up of Nacional In 1968, the qualifying criteria were changed.

After winning Game 1, the Aces lost the next three games to settle another runner-up finish.