runner in a sentence

She is a runner.

He is fast runner.

He is a fast runner.

She is a slow runner.

Naoko is a fast runner.

I am the fastest runner.

What a fast runner Miss Kanda is!
He batted three runners home.

He is at the head of runners.

Five runners reached the finals.

Miss Kanda is a very fast runner.

The runner was called out at third.

Many runners passed out in the heat.

He is the fastest runner in our class.

The runner had reached the halfway mark.

Some runners drink water as they are running.

They will catch up with the lead runner soon.

Next to him, I’m the fastest runner in our class.

The runners rounded the corner into the homestretch.

The runner has been hindered somewhat by a knee injury.

I’m a very slow runner, so I finished last in the race.

The two runners reached the finish line at the same time.

The runner massaged his sore feet at the end of the race.

The runner was gasping for breath at the end of the race.

The runners are now coming up to the final lap of the race.