routinely || in a sentence

The Beatles are routinely described as the most important pop group in history.

Waste products are routinely labelled as agricultural, industrial or municipal.

Waste products are routinely labelled as agricultural, industrial, or municipal.

Human rights activists in that country are routinely imprisoned by the government.

Waste products are routinely labelled as agricultural, industrial or municipal.

Supporters of opposition parties report that they are routinely harassed or jailed by the current government.

Reading aloud to children helps stimulate brain development, yet only 50% of infants and small children are routinely read to by their parents.

We cannot fight ISIS while routinely killing civilians in the process.

903182 We did that more or less routinely; this was the pattern in Iran.

Horowitz also routinely forces a founder to abandon her script and regroup.

Research came to a virtual halt and intellectuals were routinely persecuted.

Players of African descent are routinely jeered by fans across South America.

And in some countries, feral cats routinely breed with their wildcat cousins.

651090 Strategic Systems Programs does not routinely announce missile testing.

His exchanges with industry members are routinely frustrating as well, he said.

Criminal investigators routinely interrogate those they suspect of committing a crime.

Emaciated Rohingya routinely approach his small farm to beg for food, water and clothing.

Daniel Craig, routinely described as the best Bond since Connery, is at a similar impasse.

Chinese authorities routinely put pressure on activists by targeting their family members.

What, if anything, do people who routinely violate the trust of their peers have in common?

Police routinely search for illegal drugs and stolen guns in the neighborhood, Dotson said.

“Civil cases are routinely stayed for criminal cases to proceed,” Glassman said in an email.

That is reason enough to include it more routinely among doctor recommendations,” Katz said.

856417 Those of us who are active routinely probably all agree that motion is its own reward.

Keys routinely pounded serves in excess of 160kph and hit precision groundstrokes for winners.