rooftop in a sentence

Last night, we watched the stars from the rooftop.

I go up to the rooftop when I want to see the blue sky.

In 1997, the New York anti-tobacco lobby purchased hundreds of rooftop taxi ads warning of the dangers of smoking.

A rooftop solar water heater needs about three hours of sunshine per day to provide enough hot water for a family of four.

A rooftop solar water heater requires about three hours of sunshine per day to provide sufficient hot water for a family of four.

Half of the water collected from the rooftops goes to the homeowners.

One officer even pats the rooftop–looking for a secret stash of drugs, maybe?

There were so many rooftops that we didn’t know, really, what rooftop was what.

Their rooftop widow’s walks underscore the dangers faced in earning that wealth.

Armed police patrolled the area, and a sniper could be seen on a nearby rooftop.

“By 2030, it will be unusual to have a rooftop that isn’t solarized,” Howard said.

The interview was conducted on a rooftop in Mosul, with two masked gunmen looking on.

You may not have a shower, but you may gain the most amazing rooftop views, she writes.

Others were smothered under splintered hand-carved wooden beams or multi-level rooftops.

It said local authorities reported residents trapped on rooftops by the rising floodwaters.

In northern Panjshir, those who escaped from homes buried by snow were stranded on rooftops.

And he had peered into the open hatch of the rooftop water tank and seen Lam’s lifeless body.

Some experts are even saying that rooftop solar will reach grid parity in all 50 states by 2016.