rock star in a sentence

Rick remembers meeting several deceased rock stars .

rock stars were at lest sexually satisfied individuals.

The big screen has never been noticeably kind to rock stars .

Great suppliers have rock star sales representatives.

Stewart is a genuine rock star here.

So many rock stars live on another planet.

What is an “internet rock star ” anyway?

Similarly poets blush when compared to rock stars .

Matt is gonna be a huge rock star someday.

The program featured rock music and interviews with rock stars .

Prime ministers and rock stars alike attended his funeral.

We acted like we were already rock stars .

I can understand how rock stars feel.

He was the epitome of rock star .

Pop stars are far nicer people than rock stars .

And he loves being the rock star .

I was engaged to a beautiful rock star .

rock star romances are amazing and such good reads.

I secretly wish I was a rock star .

Many rum master blenders are now industry rock stars .