Robust in a sentence

Use Robust in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] strong; healthy; tough;

The log file structure is very robust against system crashes.

The motors were robust and caused very few technical faults.

These fish are naturally very robust and very active.

While growth in Germany is slowing, it’s still relatively robust.

Security, he added, will be “robust” in the area for the Pan Am Games.

A more robust grasshopper manages the feat in 30 thousandths of a second.

Labour says it has a “robust system to prevent fraudulent or malicious applications”.

The Ukrainian economy needed austerity measures in order to become more robust.

The government reported a robust rate of hiring, with payrolls expanding by 280,000 jobs.

The study will take 18 to 24 months-if there are enough data to make the analysis robust.

Since that large-scale program started in 2007, the vetting process has become more robust.

The bank also said U.S. consumer spending “has proven slightly less robust” than it expected.