Robin Hood in a sentence

Robin Hood was so good with his bow that he could shoot an arrow that would split the shaft of another arrow in the target.

The tale of Robin Hood has delighted children for countless generations.

Robin Hood stole the King’s gold and redistributed it among the poor villagers.

Robin Hood, one of the great English folk heroes, may never have actually existed.

Robin Hood carried a large bow in one hand and a single arrow in the other.

Robin Hood robbed the rich to feed the poor.

Robin Hood, one of the great English folk heroes, may never have actually existed.

“I see it as a Robin Hood function,” he said.

Coming Wednesday, part two: The “Robin Hood” who can get properties a break on the flood maps.

Cuomo, DeBlasio fight over pre-k funding Lemon: Can de Blasio be Robin Hood?

Danny Savage got a tour of the cockpit from Chief Pilot Martin Withers at its base at Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster.

He does so using Robin Hood as an inspiration.

He is also remembered as the eastern Robin Hood.

In the final episode of series 2 ( We Are Robin Hood!

Michael K. Williams plays Omar Little, who was a bit of a Robin Hood on the critically acclaimed series “The Wire.”

Not all of Robin Hood‘s current residents are unhappy.

Rather, criminals often view themselves as a Robin Hood, or Billy the Kid — outlaws, yes, but noble outlaws.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell wants to launch a debate within Labour about making the “Robin Hood tax” party policy.

The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union falls squarely on the side of the Robin Hooders.

What you know him from: “The Princess Bride”; “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”; “Saw.”

When someone jokes about bombing Robin Hood airport they get arrested, Katie Hopkins advocates bombing Gaza..

Chettle was later (November 25, 1598) paid for “mending” a Robin Hood play for a Court performance.

Finkielman (2004), p. 84. A masked Brent in the title role of Lady Robin Hood (1925), directed by Ralph Ince.

In “The Goldmaker’s Return”, Robin Hood is away in France on a mission.