rigour (rigor) in a sentence

The district STEM Academy will increase the rigour of our academic curriculum thus better preparing students for college and the workforce.

He quickly demonstrated his analytical rigour and client communication skills taking lead roles in a number of custom, high-visibility projects.

Indeed, the fact that they themselves explain that they reviewed and rejected the majority of papers is indication of their proper level of rigour.

The program is known for its collegial spirit and academic rigour.

Christiansen’s daily two-hour rehearsals were legendary for their rigour.

The characteristic feature of Euclid’s approach to geometry was its rigour.

Their hair can be used as keys because rigour mortis sets in once they pluck it off.

Individual officials availed themselves of the laws to proceed with rigour against the Christians.

RIGORE is the ablative form of the Latin word “rigour“.

That guy’s got a serious grip – rigour mortis or something, Sanchez said.

Instead of focusing on rigour and legalities, he is emphasizing mercy and compassion.

At this point, unsurprisingly, we don’t have solutions for the costs, rigour or plunging passage rates.