Rife in a sentence

Use Rife in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]common and unpleasant;

Discipline was harsh and unregulated; abuse was rife and unreported.

His poems are also often rife with political satire.

The programme is rife with corruption and produces few durable assets.

She said it was unfortunate that racism was still rife.

The streets were rife with rumour and fear.

In the developing world, energy poverty is still rife.

House building could not keep pace and overcrowding was rife .

The police forces are considered to be rife with corruption.

The city, for many years, has been rife with broken marriages and personal struggles.

Life was hard; poverty, disease and desperation were rife.

There are few opportunities for development hence poverty is rife.

He was a professional footballer at a time when racism was rife in English football.