richly decorated in a sentence

The throne was richly decorated during the ceremonies.

The interior has an eclectic design richly decorated .

The interior is richly decorated with various coloured marbles.

The southern facade is more richly decorated than the east facade.

The interior of the church was richly decorated .

The main part of the church is richly decorated .

The church was richly decorated with mosaics throughout the centuries.

The interior is richly decorated in a lavish Chinese style.

Such churches were plain on the exterior but richly decorated inside.

Many churches were very richly decorated , both inside and out.

The keep was richly decorated with hangings and furnishings.

The statue is 63.8 cm high and richly decorated with jewels.

The vast interior is richly decorated , both with shapes and color.

richly decorated interiors, beautiful views, overlooking the old city.

The mouldings are more richly decorated than in Greek examples.

The facades of the courtyard were richly decorated with stucco.

Their weapons were often richly decorated on areas such as sword hilts.

The architraves and pediments are richly decorated with architectural decoration.