rhetoric in a sentence

The demonstrations were unprecedented both in size and political rhetoric .

This we believe is no mere rhetoric .

Does this kind of rhetoric sounds familiar?

Truth is not mindless repetition of rhetoric .

We may consider such rhetoric peripheral to his real meaning.

The rhetoric and reality of supply chain integration.

This error in reasoning is often expressed with influential rhetoric .

The rhetoric and ethics of personal branding.

The liturgy displays an its intense crisis rhetoric .

There were also fears of renewed clashes amid rising nationalist rhetoric .

Very few boys went on to study rhetoric .

It has also been accused of using antisemitic rhetoric .

Nationalist rhetoric on all sides became increasingly heated.

Once again the rhetoric failed to produce tangible results.

It had been a frequent topic of pulpit rhetoric .

The level of rhetoric reached a fever pitch.

Aristotle identified three different types or genres of civic rhetoric .

The real problem is that its rhetoric is deceptive.

But subjective arguments have been traditionally dismissed as poor rhetoric .

The rhetoric from the government has hardened .

Your extreme rhetoric is showing how fragile your argument is .

Chavez himself long used just such tactics and rhetoric .

That always wins rhetoric points with their fans.

Newman was a master of populist medical rhetoric .