revolutionist in a sentence

This was revolution that appalled the most radical revolutionist .

And now the revolutionists are beginning to reject him .

Mrs. Scott is a revolutionist in substance, in essential manner.

He was a revolutionist –a giver.

A fervent revolutionist and playboy becomes a latter day anachronism.

No one policy it is true, but they recruited as revolutionists .

Now they are not considered revolutionists .

You see, you 10-minute revolutionists have got it all wrong.

It is the place Robert Bakewell, a famous revolutionist would live.

The red army was created by Bolshevik revolutionist Leon Trotsky during the Russian revolution.

revolutionists were not properly equipped with arms and there were only a few soldiers.

According to him his elder brother was killed by the revolutionists during the uprising.

It is a great danger for revolutionists who attach to much importance to conference decisions.

If the revolutionists refuse to use violence, it is known as a nonviolent revolution.

Prince Ivan Kanitovski bought it from Colet but was killed by Russian revolutionists .

The Statement of Reunification of Mongolia was adopted by Mongolian revolutionist leaders in 1921.

The British Co was shocked to learn about the attack of revolutionists on Agra fort.

Don Leon Reyes readily welcomed the revolutionists and financed their cause in fighting the Americans.

The Soviets sought to befriend the Chinese revolutionists by offering scathing attacks on Western imperialism.

The revolutionists : Aguinaldo, Bonifacio, Jacinto.

A Circassian chief lauded in Courland with a well-appointed force to aid the revolutionists .

The revolutionists sent arms to a secret place and moved to take holy bath at Pushkar.

Their tastes may not be the same” (Maxims for revolutionists ; 1903).

The University is “not” named after Sayyed Hassan Modaress, the revolutionist cleric.

The French revolutionists made much of this because the American revolutionists had done so in 1776.

The French revolutionists made much of this because the American revolutionists had done so in 1776.

Bisu was nicknamed the revolutionist for innovating the metagame of Protoss versus Zerg matchup.

The revolutionists also seized Wesel.

José Zaballero led the local revolutionists and helps their own force under the barrage of Spanish muskets.

However , a young group of revolutionists have merged together in an attempt to overthrow the militia.

Thus shortchanged, considering themselves no longer honor bound to lay down arms, the revolutionists rose again.

First some of the New Brunswick settlers sympathized with the revolutionists and tried to help them.

The feeling of the revolutionists only is excited, not at all that of well-disposed persons.

Most parts of Al Anbar province is now on the hand of armed tribal revolutionist and ISIS.

Upon the capture of Vigan, the revolutionists made the Bishop’s Palace, their headquarters.