Revere Revered in a sentence

Use Revere in a sentence

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Revere ;

Meaning: [verb]to respect and love someone or something very much, like worshiping;

Leonardo is revered for his technological ingenuity.

She is revered by her daughters, and she loves her husband.

Turner Fenton graduates have been revered for their academic excellence.

Some are richer, more successful, and more revered than others, but they’re working in “the show.”

It is revered by Jews because it was the site of the two Jewish biblical Temples.

He was revered as an “Aacharya Mahanubhava” which is the “Greatest Teacher and Philosopher”.

He is revered in Japan for training several boxing world champions.

Snakes were both revered and worshipped and feared by early civilizations.

Lao monks are highly respected and revered in Lao communities.

Both materials are revered in Kannada tradition as having divine significance.

She is a revered woman in the Islamic faith.