Revelry in a sentence

use Revelry in a sentence


[noun] noisy celebration with dancing, eating, drinking etc;

St Patrick’s Day is a happy festival of parading and revelry, dancing and having fun.

The revelries quickly disintegrated into riots after some people began setting cars on fire.

Preparations continue for the forthcoming revelry.

The time of harvest is traditionally a time of revelry in farming regions all over the world.

Luxury, revelry, gambling, love, and all the consequences of these passions reign there.

Judging by the noise the revelry carried on much longer than I did.

This is a day of joyful revelry, much like Mardi Gras, in which traditional restraints and tabus are broken.

The first floor of the house was lit with the revelry of a party. The second floor, her apartment, was dark.

The spirited seven came fully prepared for a night of revelry.