Retraction in a sentence

Definition of Retraction

withdrawal of a previous statement that is not accurate or true

Use Retraction in a sentence

The court ruled that the newspaper is to publish a retraction of its allegations.

Will he post a retraction and apology for the personal attack?

The newspaper was forced to publish a retraction of its allegations.

They admitted having made a mistake and put a retraction in the next edition of the paper.

The pop singer refuses the allegations and is now demanding a retraction on the paper.

Tom’s lawyer says they have demanded a retraction and added that publishing the story is immoral.

I am expecting a formal retraction of the article they published about me in Zinger together with an apology.

They did print a retraction but it wasn’t very big, not like the two-page spread they did about me the day before.

If no public apology and retraction is received within the stipulated time, the person in question will be removed from the mailing lists and barred from making any further submissions.

The newspaper published a retraction and apologized.

The residents say that they contacted the paper and asked them to print a retraction , but the paper refused.