Retraction in a sentence

Use Retraction in a sentence


Meaning: [noun] cancellation of a statement ;

Mosley sued, winning a retraction as well as his legal costs of £200.

ABC News twice aired a retraction and apologized for the error.

The case was proven and Hall forced to make a retraction.

Buffon published a retraction, but he continued publishing the offending volumes without any change.

The company has demanded a retraction from the group, a French research arm of the World Health Organization.

Mary then called for a retraction of the comments, which Ford said were grounded in his opinion.

We did the right thing by issuing a retraction.

The company had to publish a retraction of its allegations.

He also demanded the newspaper print a retraction and apology in a future paper, similar to the suit against the eXile.

The program aired in November and January, after which he said he sent a letter to MSNBC asking for a retraction.

To prevent a lawsuit, the station aired a retraction and donated $50,000 to the Fund.

He was urged by his friends to make a retraction, something that he steadfastly refused to do.